IRCPL Summer Research Fellowships are available to Columbia University students for research related to the completion of their dissertation or other research projects depending on the level of study. Summer Research Fellowships are open to undergraduate, graduate and doctoral students. The fellowship provides each student a maximum of $4,000 to cover expenses directly related to their research, including travel, lodging, and materials during the Summer of 2019 (and in some cases during the 2019-2020 academic year). Previous fellows can be found here.

Applications are welcome from students at Columbia University, Barnard College, Union Theological Seminary, Jewish Theological Seminary, and Teachers College.

Applications for the 2019 IRCPL Research Fellowships are due on Monday, February 4th, 2019, at 12pm. 

Rethinking Public Religion:

As part of the Rethinking Public Religion in Africa and South Asia Project, IRCPL is also funding research fellowships related to themes pertinent to the project. The goal of “Rethinking Public Religion” is to shift public and academic discourse away from a tendency to foreground discrete religious traditions, sectarian boundaries, and identity politics, which all too often reduces the variety of ways in which religion’s place can be seen within social, political, and cultural life and reinforces the boundaries between communities.

We ask participants to considering the ways in which religion becomes public through diverse forms of encounter, with a focus on interregional parallels, differences, and flows across South Asia and Africa. In particular, we are interested in research questions that are attentive to the project’s three strands of inquiry: 1) word, sound, and image; 2) space, time and memory; and 3) the body, gender, and sexuality.

Application Requirements:

All proposals must be submitted in English. Emphasis should be placed on completeness of the application and clarity of content. Proposals must be submitted through the online application form.

1)   A curriculum vitae, not to exceed two pages. Please include your departmental affiliation and up-to-date contact information.

2)   A description of the research project, not to exceed five pages.

3)   A travel plan and schedule for completion of the dissertation or research project, not to exceed two pages.

4)   An itemized budget.

5)   A printed transcript, though unofficial transcripts are acceptable.

6) In addition, applicants should arrange for one letter of reference from a faculty member who will serve on your dissertation committee or supervise your research. This should be submitted through this online form. It is the applicant’s responsibility to ensure that the faculty member sends a letter of reference. Late letters will not be accepted.

Selection Process:

Eligible applications are sent to the three-person review committee for assessment. The Research Fellowship Committee shall make its final assessment within thirty days of receiving the applications.

IRCPL will host a research fellow roundtable discussion in March (prior to the dispersing of research funds). All award recipients are required to attend the roundtable to discuss their work and future research plans. Exceptions will be made for students who are not on campus during the spring term. Following the roundtable, IRCPL will disperse the research funds. IRCPL Research Fellows are then expected to present and participate in a research fellows workshop (hosted by IRCPL at Columbia University) the following academic year.


Applications for the 2019 IRCPL Research Fellowships are due on Monday, February 4th, 2019, at 12pm. Questions may be directed to or