IRCPL Board Member, Alexander Stille, Published in New York Review of Books

The New York Review of Books published the article “The Last Slaves in Mauritania” by Alexander Stille, San Paolo Professor of International Journalism at the Columbia Journalism School, in their November 23rd issue. The article featured is partly a review of Precher dans le Desert by Zekeria Salem, as well as a collection of reportage from Professor Stille’s work in Nouakchott, Mauritania. Professor Stille has generously provided a full PDF copy of the article.

He would like to note one correction which did not make it into the final publication. The article describes the war between Mauritania and Senegal as arising from a border dispute, and though the inciting incident took place near the border it was not a dispute over the border per se.

The Last Slaves in Mauritania by Alexander Stille - The New York Review of Books

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