Two new books now available through the Arabic Translation Project

Two new books have just been published through the IRCPL’s Arabic Translation Project.  Democracy: A Reader, edited by Larry Diamond and Marcus Platner, and The Military Transition: Democratic Reform of the Armed Forces, by Narcis Serra, are now available.

In partnership with All Prints Distributors and Publishers, the Arabic Translation Project has published seven translations of books on democracy and case studies on democratic transitions since its inception in July 2012, and printed 10,000 copies of texts throughout the Middle East and North Africa.

Other books in the series include:

  • Democracies in Danger by Alfred Stepan
  • On Democracy by Robert Dahl
  • Patterns of Democracyby Arend Lijphart
  • Democracy & Islam in Indonesia by Mirjam Kunkler and Alfred Stepan
  • The Arab Uprisings Explained: New Contentious Politics in the Middle Eastedited by Marc Lynch

The first three books, Democracies in DangerOn Democracy, and Patterns of Democracy, are already available on the Ektab and Al-Manhal digital platforms, and will become available on the Neel wa Furat and All Prints digital platforms this summer.  The other books will be available digitally soon.

More information about the Arabic Translation Project is available here.

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