Liam Gillick’s Bampton Lectures Now Available from Columbia University Press

This March, Columbia University Press will release Liam Gillick’s Industry and Intelligence: Contemporary Art Since 1820.  This text represents the culmination of his 2013 Bampton Lectures at Columbia.

In Industry and Intelligence, Gillick writes a nuanced genealogy to help us appreciate contemporary art’s engagement with history even when it seems apathetic or blind to current events. Taking a broad view of artistic creation from 1820 to today, Gillick follows the response of artists to incremental developments in science, politics, and technology. The great innovations and dislocations of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries have their place in this timeline, but their traces are alternately amplified and diminished as Gillick moves through artistic reactions to liberalism, mass manufacturing, psychology, nuclear physics, automobiles, and a host of other advances. He intimately ties the origins of contemporary art to the social and technological adjustments of modern life, which artists struggled to incorporate truthfully into their works.

Industry and Intelligence is now available for pre-order from Columbia University Press and other booksellers.


Founded in 1948, the Bampton Lectures in America are a series of biennial lectures given by prominent scholars in the fields of theology, science, art, and medicine. Established through a bequest from Ada Byron Bampton Tremaine, the Lectures are delivered to a general audience and subsequently published. Last year’s Lectures were delivered by Talmudic scholar Daniel Boyarin.  In Spring of 2017, the Lectures will focus once again on science.

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