IRCPL now hiring students for part-time work during the Spring semester

The IRCPL is looking to hire two exceptional undergraduate or graduate students to work part-time at the IRCPL during the Spring 2014 semester.

Position One: Office/Events Assistant
Tasks include helping to coordinate and publicize events, including compiling electronic mailing lists and hanging posters on the Columbia campus; attending events, greeting guests, and helping set-up/break-down seating; processing audio recordings and generating event transcripts; writing event responses for our website; editing and compiling manuscripts for publication; and researching speakers and projects.

Position Two: Student Group Liaison
The overall goal of this position is to help IRCPL increase the effectiveness of its outreach to undergraduate and graduate students.  Tasks include identifying active student groups that work on areas connected to IRCPL’s work; attending student meeting s(usually evenings and weekends), talking with group leadership about IRCPL’s work, and about the possibility of joint events; talking with IRCPL staff about group interests; and helping to coordinate and publicize events.

Necessary Qualifications: Proficiency in Office, Excel, and PowerPoint; strong writing and research skills; excellent communication and interpersonal skills; an ability to self-manage; and a keen interest in the work done by the IRCPL.

These positions are for graduate or undergraduate students and are PART-TIME (10 hours per week).  Pay is $12 / hour.  Work study preferred but not required.

Students should submit a CV and a cover letter.  To apply, email Melissa Van at

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