Research Fellowships

The IRCPL is pleased to announce and congratulate this year’s fellowship recipients. Each year, IRCPL awards funding to eight undergraduate and graduate students at Columbia University to travel abroad or within the United States to conduct research on their dissertations and senior theses.

The IRCPL will start accepting applications for the 2013 fellowships beginning January 1, 2013.  View past fellowship recipients and guidelines for 2013 fellowship applications, due Friday, March, 2013, at 5pm.

2012 Graduate Fellows

  • Talia Andrei, Department of Art History and Archaeology: Mapping Sacred Spaces: Representations of Pleasure and Worship in Shaji sankei mandara. 
  • Michael Low, Department of History: Colonizing Mecca: The Hajj and Anglo-Ottoman Rivalry in the Hijaz, 1858-1916.
  • Elizabeth Marcus, Department of French Romance and Philology: Communities, Continuity and Change: Lebanon and France, 1943-1958.
  • Irene Sanpietro, Department of Classics: Fasting, Prayer, Alms: Christian Virtue Theory and the Transition from Apostolic to Institutional Church.
  • Drew Thomases, Department of Religion: The King of Pilgrimage Places: Religion, Recreation, and Encounter in Pushkar.

2012 Undergraduate Fellows

  • Jordan Alam, Department of English: Madness and Modernity: The Current Conception of Mental Illness and Mental Healthcare in Bangladesh.
  • Nicholas Bloom, Department of History: Taking off the Mask:  James Baldwin, Virginia Woolf, and the Consciousness of Revolution.
  • Zachary Natan Cohen, Department of Sociology: The Global Hasid
     Food Stamps, Remittences, and the Satmar Diaspora.
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