On one trip to Harlem recently, I met a man named James who I talked to about the fact that apparently we were all praying for the same thing. When he approached me, I had been photographing the Grace Congregational Church of Harlem in order to document it for this class. Unfortunately, he did not have very much information about this Church, although he lives around the corner from it. He said that they generally have a large crowd every Sunday, and that on some Saturdays there is a food pantry there.


As I continued to research the Church, I grew to appreciate its message more and more. They have been at this particular location in Harlem for over 80 years and strive to “reach out in love to all people to share God’s Grace!” In doing so, every other Sunday they gather in Marcus Garvey Park to pray in public and invite members of the community to join them. As with most Harlem Churches, it seems quite evangelical in that it strives to teach Jesus’s message to the world. However, the Grace Congregational Church of Harlem’s main message is to “love your neighbor as yourself.” In this sense, it seems as though they respect the identity of their fellow man. They have a community that is very strong, and that educates and worships through music and prayer together as one.